Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The inventor of pencil said to pencil “I am sending you in the world for work but for this cause you need know five concepts. Don’t forget these five concepts and you will get the best dignity of pencil in the world by following these five concepts.”………………….

  1. Many super works will done by you in the world but for that cause you must yield yourself in another hand through your own believe.
  2. Sometimes you will cut by any one and you will get a lots pain but through this pain you can show your quality and you will be more active than before.
  3. You will keep ability to right your wrong.
  4. The best important part of you in your body. Keep mind this thigh.
  5. By writing which path you will go. Don’t stop your write though any problems protect you.

Pencil accepts all these regulation for become the best of pencil in the world. You can also apply these five concepts in your life to build up a happy and healthy life.

We can get five important lessons from the pencils story:-

  • You have come in the world for super activities. You will accept a lot of information and impression but believe in god you must motivate peoples by your own qualification.
You will serve the people by your qualification and kindness.

  • Some times many kinds of problems will protect you. You will cut, beat, or hit by any one. May be your blood will turn into sweat. You make yourself for overcome all problems.

  • You keep your ability to right your wrong.

  • You have most important super power in your body. These are your soul, your brain, your mind and your spirit. Make this power useful for your life.

  • Don’t depend your situation. Any where any time keep deep concentration on your work.     

The mystery of your life is hidden in this small pencil story so realize this story.

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