Monday, February 7, 2011


If you all time pass mechanical life, as soon as possible your life will be full mechanical too. Your body is not an engine which is made by engineer. It can not run at random. It is called that bee is laborious but after sun set bee also stop their wings. Some days ago when electricity was not invented then man was to finish their work in the light of the day and night was only for taking rest.
After invention of electricity man is not responsible about the time of sun rise and sun set. They are all time busy. They do not know where the end of this is busy. Try to give rest your-self.

  1. Don’t bring official work in your house.
  2. Keep off your self-phone in day of weakly vacation.
  3. Try to understand your soul and body.
  4. Switch off television during your rest time. Because you keep your brain busy by watching TV.
  5. Breathe slowly….
  6. Try to enjoy the natural beauties during your rest.
  7. Give time your family.
  8. Keep mind “busy is for life, life is not for busy.”
  1. Encourage to others good work and express your feelings.
  2. Be pro active and think positive.
  3. Take long breathe by standing on beach.
  4.  See others wrong as a forgivable thing.
  5. Love your good feelings of your good work.
  6. Keep beautiful your office table.
  7. Make a habit to read motivate and self-improvement books.
  8. Booking the picture of your beautiful moment.
  9. Keep sympathy in your mind for all.
  10. Give gift.
  11. Pass a few times with children.
  12. Enjoy everyday as a last day of your life.


You can finish reading all self- improvement books of whole world but you can not change yourself if you have no good will in your mind for changing your-self. There is not alternative of good and strong will for changing your-self.

This is your life. Only you can change your life. Only you can help your-self for changing your-self. So love and help yourself with all happiness of your imagine. Only and only you can take appropriate decision for you.

Friday, February 4, 2011


  1. Mental blockage.
  2. The life without aim.
  3. All time hope to get average result
  4. Lack of actual education
  5. Lack of discipline in life.
  6. Lack of good health.
  7. Childhood environment is not favorable.
  8. Negligence in good work.
  9. Impatience or don’t seeing fulfillment of anything.
  10. Negative thought.
  11. Does not controlling sex power.
  12. Hoping for result without work.
  13. Inability to take right decision.
  14. Six main fears-.
    • Fear of poverty.
    • Fear of illness.
    • Fear of losing anything.
    • Fear of oldness.
    • Fear of criticism.
    • Fear of death.
  15. Choosing wrong consort during marriage.
  16. Being excess alertness.
  17. Dealing business with dishonest person.
  18. Superstition and limitlessness.
  19. Choosing wrong profession.
  20. Lacking attention and exertion.
  21. Extravagance.
  22. Lacking of encourage.
  23. Intolerable behave.
  24. Being angry to words, eating extra food and speaking without thinking.
  25. Do not helping to others work.
  26. Do not proper using of property.
  27. Taking decision by guessing without deep thinking.
  28. Self swagger.
  29. Propping wrong way as wish.
  30. Lacking of adequate capital.
  31. Lacking of self-confident, it is the main cause for being fall.
  32. The cause is what may be happened in your life and it is not above in this 31.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You have no need to go to your dream world for making a peaceful mind. Rather you need some quiet and healthy thinking for peaceful mind. A quiet mind will give you unlimited energy. Our mind is very much frisky when we are quiet and during this time we can get right decision from our mind. Here are two easy tips for making peaceful and frisky mind below.

1.      When you see any beautiful scenery then close your eyes for a while and save it in your mind. Visualize those scenery when you feel excitement in your mind. Try to keep steadfast yourself. This visualization will work as a powerful pain killer medicine.
2.      Don’t involve any debate without need. Reticence is the best if you have no knowledge about debating subject.  Unnecessary debate is always bad. Excitement will be created in your mind when you will involve any unnecessary debate. So all time avoid debate for a quiet mind.

Peaceful and frisky mind always help to take right decision. So try to make your mind peaceful and frisky and take right decision in right time.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Everybody has problems
Where is your problem? Are you unemployed? You think all problems will be solved after getting a job if your thinking is negative. But why they are to face many problems in there life whose have job or business. Many people say that they don’t enjoy their job. Some people think senior person has also problems. Again many other people think “we will get freedom after retirement from job. Is it right? They feel loneliness also. They want go back their past again. All time they think about these problems.

Do you think? “Every happy man has no any problems.” Must they have but these problems are not obstacle for their success because they turn their problems in to new chance for success.

If there is a blur on white wall and if I think all time about this blur (black speck), so my mind affected by it and also a blur will be created on my mind. If I don’t think about this blur It only stay on the wall. So you should not think about your problems all time.

Problem is not for ever
The ocean has bottom. The hill has boundary of its height. There is up and down in life. Nobody can stay in culmination or extremity for ever. Every problem has a last border. Your determination can reduce to your problems hardness. Pro-active mind remove pungency of problems.  So be pro-active and solve your problems.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


You are new in job. It is first introduction with your office. Relation is not friendly still now. You don’t understand what can you do? What kinds of activities you will do in your job? There is some fear, some hesitancy in your mind. Which site you go?  Do you stop away after getting a job? Getting a job, was it your only one aim in your life. Don’t want anything else? Or not do you want more improvement?

Quickly take understand your act
First time after going office, find out your chair. Wherever it is, be happy to see this because you are going to give something to your office from this moment. Take understand your work. Don’t become afraid. You will see there is many helpful hands besides you.  

Take understand your official environment
May be you can see your office is neat and clean and systematic or may be opposite this. Take mantel preparation from before. Whatever it is. Try to match with your official situation. If you don’t like official arrangement, you can propose your authorities but don’t first day, you should do this gradually. Yes. You can give some opinion. Though it is not your work but it can bring some positive result in your work filed.

Take care about cleanliness. Don’t make unnecessary sound. Don’t manhandle chair-table without any need. Keep mind, everybody is very much curios about new any one. All time your co-worker whim to you. Be suave your behavior. As the environment is new and unfamiliar so be responsible to match about this matter. Be careful so that you can free from mistake in beginning.

Be systematic, hard worker and deferential
Be hard worker and cordial to work. Learn to respect your work. Keep your work like yourself.  If you have nothing respect to work, may be question about this. Arrange your selected work. You can make a list for your work try to follow this list. It may get admire but nothing is loss if it don’t get. At list you can arrange your work by this way. It easily will attract others. Keep honest yourself. Remove all chicanery think.  You will see your work is so easy.

Boss is always right
Give importance this words what your boss say. Make yourself as a fit worker in your boss easy and it is the best time to do this. Help your boss to take decision. Give your opinion. As a result your boss start to believe you. “Yes sire” “Yes sire” all time you should not do this behave. Be deferential and gentle. Work with happy mind and keep mind BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Friendship with clock hand
Make a good friendship with clock hand. Come out from your house after understanding your office time. Traffic jam in road, rain, lack of vehicles, etc keep these your brain. Don’t late to come your new office.

Learn work from experienced
Find out who worked in your post before you. If he is in your office so speak with him. Try to make friendly relation with him and also try to attract him by many kinds of way. Show sincerity to your work. Accept from your co-worker as possible as. Try to learn work from experienced.

Take step with carefully for any change
Don’t go to take decision for any kinds of change in office during your new job. Before taking decision, think how much will be acceptable it? May be you don’t like what rule is running from before. You want to change this rule but don’t go to change this in during your new time.
Gradually you can change this rule. Think again and again how much suitable your decision is? Share your plane with others. May be you can get some good advice.   

Avoid bother and tiresome
You can not bring fulfillment in your work without cordiality. Love your work. If necessary you can take advice from others about how to speak you? How to maintain your official rule? Etc. All time avoid your bother and tiresome. Speak with smile.

See Love and fun

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Prayer is one of the best important elements for human life. It makes a better link with man to man, man to creator. Most of the people of the world pray regularly. One kind of motion creates in the spiritual world when you pray for any one and sometimes the created motion is called as love, as sympathy, co-operation etc.

Some tips for prayer

Ø      Think about almighty creator in clamor free spot for a few times of day. Feel this energy what you gotten from creator.
Ø      Pray as like as you by mother language. Creator can understand all language. Don’t go to pray with inactivity mind.
Ø      Pray for other persons and make communication with creator during moving in day.
Ø      Trust yourself. You will get what you want from creator with good will.
Ø      Not only want all time, besides this express admire and gratefulness to creator.
Ø      No negative prayer. It shouldn’t pray for damage anyone.
Ø      Pray for whose you don’t like also.
Ø      Make a list for whose you want to pray.

Prayed for others, it will come back to you as more welfare.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Discover your self confident. Self confident is the first need for being intellectual. Think about your success story of past. Think about your body. What a wonderful and scientific creation your body is! A super power is dormant in your body. If you discover this power, you can increase your self confident and gradually you will be intellectual.

Strong desire
Strong desire, it act as like as powerful magnet. I think nothing is able to born in the world without desire. I mean seed by desire. So make a strong desire for being intellectual. 

Reading good book or reading newspaper it is one kind of good habit for everybody. Reading is most important part for being intellectual. You can increase your knowledge by reading. Acquire knowledge and be intellectual. 

Recognize your weak said and feel what’s problem you face for your weak side? You can understand and recognize your weak side by self analysis. Regular self analysis, it will show you improve your life. Actually what’s your improve in everyday life? So you should need self analysis everyday.

I think he is intellectual who can control his mind. Meditation can help you to control your mind. Meditation is also the best way to realize the life. You can make a good understanding with life by meditation.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Life is a puzzle, solve it.
Life is a puzzle. There is many kinds of puzzle in our life. Try to solve it.

Life is a gift, accept it.
You have not come in the world as your wish. You have not gotten the life as your wish. You just got this life from almighty creator as a wonderful gift. You accept it and be responsible about this gift.

Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a challenge for you. You should meet it. This challenge is to establish your life. This challenge is to be winner in life. Take your life as a challenge and believe that you have ability for being winner and success in this challenge. This challenge which gives you lot of energy. So life is a challenge, meet it carefully.

Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is an adventure where has lot of fear for falling in trap. But it is very interesting to face this adventure. Actually man like adventure but you can not take your life as an adventure without dare. I think world for brave man. Only the brave man can enjoy this adventure.

Life is a sorrow, overcome it.
Sorrow, it is one kind of important element of life. You can not find out any life without sorrow. Life is a sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a tragedy, accept it.
Life is a tragedy you should accept it. Where is life, there is tragedy. It is one kind of natural rule of nature.

Life is a duty, perform it.
There are many kinds of duty in our life. We can get a beautiful life being responsible about our duty. Any time and any where we have to take many kinds of duty in our life. So we can say, ‘life is a duty, we should perform it.

Life is a game, play it.
Life is as like as a game. You can win or you can loss in this game, it depends on your play. So play this game carefully. I think everybody want to win in there life.

Life is a song, sing it.
Sometimes many people say that “the mystery of creation is hidden in bass.”  Look at the nature and think about it. I hope you will realize the bass of creation. So we can say, “life is a song, we should sing it.”

Life is an opportunity, take it.
Life is an opportunity. This opportunity for doing some good works, this opportunity for become immortal in the world, for helping others people and others creation. So take this opportunity.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is a promise. Promise to do better something; promise to make a beautiful world for next generation.

Life is a straggle, fight it.
Life is a straggle. Straggle with poverty. Straggle with sorrow. Straggle with all bad things and struggle with all evil of the world. We should always fight against these which are harmful for us.

What is life? Actually it depends on our attitude and our concept about life. So we can change our life by changing our attitude. Thanks for all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We know that life is nothing without summation of time. ‘Life for today’ it is not new concept yet I want to remember this concept to you.  Sometimes we can not bear the load of our life. Why we can’t? Because we partake in our daily life with past and future concepts. We can not enjoy our present time being single mind. Sometimes we repent for our past activities and think what will happen in near future? We become afraid for aforethought problems in future. We can not sleep well at night. We can not work properly. All time we feel worry, we feel fear. For this cause our life becomes unhappy. We think life is fulfilled with problems? We also think, we are not capable to solve these problems.

Sire Aslar teached his students “God, today give us bread for today” to start their daily work with this prayer. Keep mind only for today was told in this prayer. Supplicants didn’t want for future and didn’t complain to eat overdue bread yesterday.

Long time ago a penniless philosopher was visiting a pour country. The people of this country are very pour. One day some people crowded around him to hear his speak. It was very strong quote for human life which he told for people. The quote was “Remove the think of tomorrow because tomorrow will take its load. Remove it today because tomorrow will take its load. You have many duties for today.”

Life for today because you don’t know when will come the last breath of your life. Try to live for today. Think only for today. Keep your mind in today. Work for today.  Don’t worry for tomorrow. I hope your life become very easy and worry free.


We want to live a vigorous life, happy life. We want to catch the peace of our life. We want to a beautiful and worry free life. But how can we get it? If we can get worry free life, we can follow this rule of ‘ONLY FOR TODAY’ below.

I will be happy only for today.

I will accept what will happen only today. I don’t want to do as my wish.

I will care my health only for today. I will exercise, take care, I will not negligence my body.

I will try to strong to my mind only for today.

I will do active my soul for three works only for today. I will help at list for one without giving identity. I will finish two works that I don’t want to do.

I will be smart and attractive only for to day.

I will think about today’s problems only for today

I will not be afraid only for today. I will be brave.

I will remove my laziness only for today.

I will avoid bad habits only for today. 

I will keep a list for work only for today.

I will meditate only for today. I will think about God, about nature and about myself.     

Why we follow this? Because we are not able to solve the problems of whole life but we are able to solve today’s problems. When we think about our whole life, it seems as like as sea. We can not understand what’s the meaning of life? Today’s life is very easy. We can easily make our life healthy, beautiful, nice, peaceful etc.
Keep mind, Today + Today + Today + Today  +Today +…………………………….+ Today  = WHOLE LIFE.

 So realize this today’s life and try to make better today’s life than yesterday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


 You have two powerful ears as a receiver. You can use these to gather a lot of element for increasing your creativity. Just question and using this ear appropriately, you will get huge green products for your mind. Three tips for increasing creativity by question and hearing below.

Encourage to speak another. When you converse with any others, conference, or meeting, Question “can we know about your experience………?” Or “What’s your mind is…….? “Actually what’s the origin matter…?”Etc. All time encourage to speak another. In this way you will gain twice benefits. Your mind will get a lot of green products that is very much helpful for your creativity and the number of your friends will increase day by day. I think being success is impossible in our life without good friendship. Whatever you want, you must need good friendship. Keep mind, and hearkener can more affects to another then a good speaker.

Question and appraise your opinion. Take help from another for being success. Keep this taught “what’s your opinion about this matter? Don’t go to advertise your opinion. It is one kind of great mistake. Don’t go to be dogmatic. Take a little observes before giving your opinion. Take to know the reaction of your friends. In this way you can get the best idea.

Give importance another speak. They like to speak but you should like to hear. By hearing you can increase your creativity, knowledge and experience. Hear means not only stop your mouth but also accept something from any others with open mind. Man feign to hear actually they don’t hear. They wait only to take opportunity of speak from others. So hear others speak and increase your creativity.
Have you any idea for increasing creativity? You can share with us as a comment below.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Different life, different style what a surprised in the world! Day by day the world is changing, life style is also changing. Every culture has a different life style. Sometimes we can identify any culture to see their life style. So we can say life style is one kind of part of culture. The modern generation is very much curious to life style. They want to change their life style. They want to live in different way which is not available in our society. They want to different so that everybody follows them by their life style. Now day’s life styles means different something from any others. This is my concept. Now what’s your concept about life style?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Which problems are available in our society, it is relationship problems. Relationship problem is one kind of serious problem for us. Many times at first it starts from family and spread around us. I think that our              success, our happiness, joy and sorrow all things are depended on relationship. Follow these four tips below and solve your relationship problems.  
1.      Make a list of your problems about relationship. It is important to solve your problems.  Sometimes we don’t know, actually what the problems are and whose are involved with these problems? So at first recognize your problems. Its may be with your parents, brother, sister, wife, children or with your friends or with other peoples. However, just make a list of these problems.
2.      Select the best serious problem from this list. Analyse and observe this problem. What is the cause of this problem? Who is involved in this problem? What’s your concept about him/her? I think it will be negative concept and I also think this negative concept is very much responsible for your relationship problem with him or her.
3.      Change your negative concept about him/her. Make a good concept. Remember all good activities of him or her. For give him from your mind.
4.      Speak with him/her face to face about your problem with your open mind and cool brain. It is easy to say but difficult to do. I think your problem will be solved by discussing.
            Now you can easily solve your relationship problem one after one to this way.


Don’t grieve for your old age. Old age it is not any problems for human life if not mind is affected by this age. We know about old age, it is the last part of human being. Some times we think old life is a gloomy life, helpless life, we also think it is a life which is affected by many kinds of disease. Generally our concept is very negative about old life. Old life means where no hopes have and many people ready to die. They always keep their mind in fear. This fear is to loss something. This fear is to wait some unhappiness event.
Actually old age is a great age for human life. Human passing their all time they enter in to the old age with full of experience. There is no relation between oldness and age. Man become old for being mental helpless and courage less. Actually oldness depends on the mental position of human. Age is no fact for being oldness. Please follow these points and stay young in your old life.
1.      At first expressed gratitude to lord for giving a life in the world. I say your life is beautiful. Because I think your life is better than lots of people in the world whose are passing their life through many kinds sorrow. Feel and deeply feel their sorrowful life and expressed gratitude to lord.
2.      Physical activity it keeps your mind healthy and strong. You can try to involve in physical activity everyday. Just use few times in everyday and get long life. Many people think their in their old life that they have no ability for physical activity. It is actually wrong concept. Man becomes old day by day from this concept. So remove this concept and try to involve yourself in some physical activities. 
3.      Keep your mind and body busy in various constructive activities. I think busy life is always happy life. Constructive activity it makes your brain active more and more. Active brain is always helpful for keeping long life. You can find out some constructive activities from your life. It can help you in different kinds of way.
4.      Old enmities, it is very much harmful in old age of human life. It is also responsible to create negative emotions in human life. So try to remove these old enmities and always keep your mind fresh.
5.      ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ it is good habit. Try to follow it for staying fresh.
6.      Sometimes try to find out your mind from the beauty of nature. It makes your mind really fresh. When you get free times, take action to refresh your mind and all time try give courage to your mind.
7.      During walking in afternoon you can give positive command to your mind and brain. You can also use this command “Day by day I am growing young, happy strong, live long.”
8.      Always avoid criticizing. Don’t try to enrage any one. It reflects other minds as a negative impress. As a result they also will want to criticize and enrage you too.
9.      Be careful about your food habit. Make a food habit what is actually healthy for you.
10.  If you believe in god, properly pray for peaceful life. Not only pray for you but also others. You can do spiritual something such as meditation.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We want a beautiful life. We know life is a challenge we should meet it. We also know life is a sorrow we should overcome it. We believe that we can meet and overcome it. But do you know life is an opportunity? I think that life is an opportunity for every one. We should take it carefully. We want to become success in our life many times we become fail. Being fail we can not to drive our life happily.
We want to become successful from failure. Here is five tips for being successful from failure…

·        Learn important lesson from your experience to find out your way to success. When you are defeated, take teach from its experience so that you can joy next time.
·        You need a brave mind for structural self criticizing. He or she is the best in the world who can criticize to himself. Find out your wrong and correct these wrong.
·        Don’t blame your fate. Some people blame their fate when they become failing. They start their sentence with unfortunately. Such as ‘Unfortunately I have lost my opportunity’. You just remark your wrong and gradually attempt to correct these wrong. Keep mind it is impossible to reach high position in life blaming to fate.
·        Not only practice but also you need talent. I think that every one has a talent find out your talent. Don’t remove your hope; again and again struggle for gaining the key to success.
·        Keep mind every position has a good site. Any time any where and any position just find out its good site. Don’t access any despair in your mind in your life.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


 Life is the source of both joy and sorrow. Life means not only passing time but also a great source for being immortal in the world. Sometimes we fall in many problems in our life. We want to solve this problems and we bream for a healthy and successful life. Here have some life tips, these are very short but strong.

When your mind is upset

Everything is bad and joyless when your mind is upset. Don’t worry. You can remove upset ness by taking three steps.
  1. At first find out what is the cause of being upset.
  2. Open a paper take a pen and write the cause of being upset with open mind. But be careful don’t tray to read this paper, just you write your feelings.
  3. Burn this paper with fire when your write is finished. Burning this paper you think and feel your upset is also burning, your sorrow is running away, you mind is flying in the open sky.

When you forget your important point
 Sometimes we fall in problems by forgetting our important point we want to remember this point but many times we become fail to remember this important point again and again. I think every body solve this problem and they want to know what is the way to solve this problem. Just take three steps and remember your important point.
  1. Link your important point or issue with your old memorable point.
  2. Make a fancied memory bank in your mind and store your important point in this bank as like as library. Arrange your all point with various cooler.
  3. Whenever you want to remember your point, just take three times deep breath, close your eyes, enter your memory bank and find out your point with cooler easily.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Sometimes we think what is the key to success in life? We want to gain a beautiful life but what is the way to gain it? Yes it is work. More and more work you can gain all things. But you must finish your work with proper way. Here is seven tips being a successful worker.

1.      Start your work. Starting is the most important and it is very difficult. Starting is like jump from plain with taking parachute. Actually this is main work and here need a lot of courage. After that all work is easy. If you start once time you can see the motion of your work. Then you don’t think your work as work. Work will be enjoyable thing for you.

2.      Select the best model for your work. Be follower of your model. You can get many ways to do your work from your model. Always competition with yourself and compare your work between yesterday and today’s work. In this way gradually you will be success in your life.

3.      Be careful about your time. Time is more valuable than money. If it is gone away, don’t come back again. Don’t wast your time and use it carefully. Make a good rutting for using your time. Planning your work, it is most important for you. It is may be easy to make a plane but it is very difficult to do work according to this plane.

4.      When you are tired, your mind doesn’t want to receive any information by working, you don’t fill batter to work then you can take intermission. At this time you can do any work what will help you to recharge your mind. I think that intermission in your work is one kind of powerful element for being recharge.

5.      Remove your needless think. If you think “this word is ‘hat’ what I don’t want to remember for half second”. You can not passing this time without remember this word. Again and again it will come back in your brain in your mind. Alike If you think “I will remove my needless think” but you can’t remove it easily. Yes you can give deep concentration in your work by some ways……
                                                       Be single mind before starting work.
Ask your mind why are you going to do this work?
What can you gain by doing this work?
Find out what is interesting thing in your work
How much time it will take?
Think what problems may have in this work?
What can you do to solve these problems?
6.      Every man has a self harmony to work. Discover the harmony. Because it is important for your work. If you discover your harmony, you will work with sprite for a long time.
7.      Finish your work. It is the most important. I think that starting is difficult but finishing is more difficult. So you finish your work within your selected time.

Don’t take your work as a happen. If you take your work as a production, you can find out many interesting and enjoyable thing from your work. After finishing your work you will be surprised to see your production. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


Self confident is the most important element of human nature. Sometimes we become break down, we discourage our mind and loss our self confident. We can not solve our problems. We can not take any decision.
So we want to increase our self confident. Here is three ways to increase self confident……….

·        Think about success, don’t allow any negative taught. Any time and any where think about success instead of failure. Rainy day of life think “I will win” instead of “May be I will fail.” During competition with any one Think “I am one of the best” instead of “I am not fit for this competition.” “I will be win” this concept establish in your mind. Think of success it is very much helpful for giving life to your dream.

·        Properly you remember your mind “You are more batter than as like as your think.” Successful men are not superman. There is no need extra ordinary knowledge for become successful. Success is not miracle. It is earn-able. There is no relation between fortunate and success. A successful man is like general but he trusts himself. So any time any where don’t little yourself and trust in your ability in your power 100%.

·        Think big. The limit of your success depends on the limit of your trust, think and hope. If your dream your hope is little so your success will be so little. Make a big dream and spread out it on your whole concept. You will get success and you can increase your self confident very next.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Please don’t wait for any opportunity. At first you decide your work and start to finish this work. Who want to win and desire to get something and like to do hard work always he can make opportunity for himself.
We know many examples as like as this. Whose have capable to win in the world, they didn’t depend their situation, didn’t wait for any opportunity and always they made opportunity for him.

Discover your won power and increase your self-confident. Sand some positive massage in your brain. Believe and strongly believe to yourself. You can. Yes you can win. Don’t discourage your mind. Determine to get success in your life by all means. Believe skill ness of hard work is the key to all success. You can make a lot of opportunity for your success but apply only the best opportunity as key to success. At last again my recommendation is “Don’t wait for any opportunity and don’t depend any situation, do hard work, you mast be success in your life.”