Monday, January 3, 2011


Self confident is the most important element of human nature. Sometimes we become break down, we discourage our mind and loss our self confident. We can not solve our problems. We can not take any decision.
So we want to increase our self confident. Here is three ways to increase self confident……….

·        Think about success, don’t allow any negative taught. Any time and any where think about success instead of failure. Rainy day of life think “I will win” instead of “May be I will fail.” During competition with any one Think “I am one of the best” instead of “I am not fit for this competition.” “I will be win” this concept establish in your mind. Think of success it is very much helpful for giving life to your dream.

·        Properly you remember your mind “You are more batter than as like as your think.” Successful men are not superman. There is no need extra ordinary knowledge for become successful. Success is not miracle. It is earn-able. There is no relation between fortunate and success. A successful man is like general but he trusts himself. So any time any where don’t little yourself and trust in your ability in your power 100%.

·        Think big. The limit of your success depends on the limit of your trust, think and hope. If your dream your hope is little so your success will be so little. Make a big dream and spread out it on your whole concept. You will get success and you can increase your self confident very next.

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