Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Discover your self confident. Self confident is the first need for being intellectual. Think about your success story of past. Think about your body. What a wonderful and scientific creation your body is! A super power is dormant in your body. If you discover this power, you can increase your self confident and gradually you will be intellectual.

Strong desire
Strong desire, it act as like as powerful magnet. I think nothing is able to born in the world without desire. I mean seed by desire. So make a strong desire for being intellectual. 

Reading good book or reading newspaper it is one kind of good habit for everybody. Reading is most important part for being intellectual. You can increase your knowledge by reading. Acquire knowledge and be intellectual. 

Recognize your weak said and feel what’s problem you face for your weak side? You can understand and recognize your weak side by self analysis. Regular self analysis, it will show you improve your life. Actually what’s your improve in everyday life? So you should need self analysis everyday.

I think he is intellectual who can control his mind. Meditation can help you to control your mind. Meditation is also the best way to realize the life. You can make a good understanding with life by meditation.

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