Thursday, January 13, 2011


Don’t grieve for your old age. Old age it is not any problems for human life if not mind is affected by this age. We know about old age, it is the last part of human being. Some times we think old life is a gloomy life, helpless life, we also think it is a life which is affected by many kinds of disease. Generally our concept is very negative about old life. Old life means where no hopes have and many people ready to die. They always keep their mind in fear. This fear is to loss something. This fear is to wait some unhappiness event.
Actually old age is a great age for human life. Human passing their all time they enter in to the old age with full of experience. There is no relation between oldness and age. Man become old for being mental helpless and courage less. Actually oldness depends on the mental position of human. Age is no fact for being oldness. Please follow these points and stay young in your old life.
1.      At first expressed gratitude to lord for giving a life in the world. I say your life is beautiful. Because I think your life is better than lots of people in the world whose are passing their life through many kinds sorrow. Feel and deeply feel their sorrowful life and expressed gratitude to lord.
2.      Physical activity it keeps your mind healthy and strong. You can try to involve in physical activity everyday. Just use few times in everyday and get long life. Many people think their in their old life that they have no ability for physical activity. It is actually wrong concept. Man becomes old day by day from this concept. So remove this concept and try to involve yourself in some physical activities. 
3.      Keep your mind and body busy in various constructive activities. I think busy life is always happy life. Constructive activity it makes your brain active more and more. Active brain is always helpful for keeping long life. You can find out some constructive activities from your life. It can help you in different kinds of way.
4.      Old enmities, it is very much harmful in old age of human life. It is also responsible to create negative emotions in human life. So try to remove these old enmities and always keep your mind fresh.
5.      ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ it is good habit. Try to follow it for staying fresh.
6.      Sometimes try to find out your mind from the beauty of nature. It makes your mind really fresh. When you get free times, take action to refresh your mind and all time try give courage to your mind.
7.      During walking in afternoon you can give positive command to your mind and brain. You can also use this command “Day by day I am growing young, happy strong, live long.”
8.      Always avoid criticizing. Don’t try to enrage any one. It reflects other minds as a negative impress. As a result they also will want to criticize and enrage you too.
9.      Be careful about your food habit. Make a food habit what is actually healthy for you.
10.  If you believe in god, properly pray for peaceful life. Not only pray for you but also others. You can do spiritual something such as meditation.

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