Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Which problems are available in our society, it is relationship problems. Relationship problem is one kind of serious problem for us. Many times at first it starts from family and spread around us. I think that our              success, our happiness, joy and sorrow all things are depended on relationship. Follow these four tips below and solve your relationship problems.  
1.      Make a list of your problems about relationship. It is important to solve your problems.  Sometimes we don’t know, actually what the problems are and whose are involved with these problems? So at first recognize your problems. Its may be with your parents, brother, sister, wife, children or with your friends or with other peoples. However, just make a list of these problems.
2.      Select the best serious problem from this list. Analyse and observe this problem. What is the cause of this problem? Who is involved in this problem? What’s your concept about him/her? I think it will be negative concept and I also think this negative concept is very much responsible for your relationship problem with him or her.
3.      Change your negative concept about him/her. Make a good concept. Remember all good activities of him or her. For give him from your mind.
4.      Speak with him/her face to face about your problem with your open mind and cool brain. It is easy to say but difficult to do. I think your problem will be solved by discussing.
            Now you can easily solve your relationship problem one after one to this way.

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