Sunday, January 16, 2011


 You have two powerful ears as a receiver. You can use these to gather a lot of element for increasing your creativity. Just question and using this ear appropriately, you will get huge green products for your mind. Three tips for increasing creativity by question and hearing below.

Encourage to speak another. When you converse with any others, conference, or meeting, Question “can we know about your experience………?” Or “What’s your mind is…….? “Actually what’s the origin matter…?”Etc. All time encourage to speak another. In this way you will gain twice benefits. Your mind will get a lot of green products that is very much helpful for your creativity and the number of your friends will increase day by day. I think being success is impossible in our life without good friendship. Whatever you want, you must need good friendship. Keep mind, and hearkener can more affects to another then a good speaker.

Question and appraise your opinion. Take help from another for being success. Keep this taught “what’s your opinion about this matter? Don’t go to advertise your opinion. It is one kind of great mistake. Don’t go to be dogmatic. Take a little observes before giving your opinion. Take to know the reaction of your friends. In this way you can get the best idea.

Give importance another speak. They like to speak but you should like to hear. By hearing you can increase your creativity, knowledge and experience. Hear means not only stop your mouth but also accept something from any others with open mind. Man feign to hear actually they don’t hear. They wait only to take opportunity of speak from others. So hear others speak and increase your creativity.
Have you any idea for increasing creativity? You can share with us as a comment below.

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