Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We know that life is nothing without summation of time. ‘Life for today’ it is not new concept yet I want to remember this concept to you.  Sometimes we can not bear the load of our life. Why we can’t? Because we partake in our daily life with past and future concepts. We can not enjoy our present time being single mind. Sometimes we repent for our past activities and think what will happen in near future? We become afraid for aforethought problems in future. We can not sleep well at night. We can not work properly. All time we feel worry, we feel fear. For this cause our life becomes unhappy. We think life is fulfilled with problems? We also think, we are not capable to solve these problems.

Sire Aslar teached his students “God, today give us bread for today” to start their daily work with this prayer. Keep mind only for today was told in this prayer. Supplicants didn’t want for future and didn’t complain to eat overdue bread yesterday.

Long time ago a penniless philosopher was visiting a pour country. The people of this country are very pour. One day some people crowded around him to hear his speak. It was very strong quote for human life which he told for people. The quote was “Remove the think of tomorrow because tomorrow will take its load. Remove it today because tomorrow will take its load. You have many duties for today.”

Life for today because you don’t know when will come the last breath of your life. Try to live for today. Think only for today. Keep your mind in today. Work for today.  Don’t worry for tomorrow. I hope your life become very easy and worry free.

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