Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We want to live a vigorous life, happy life. We want to catch the peace of our life. We want to a beautiful and worry free life. But how can we get it? If we can get worry free life, we can follow this rule of ‘ONLY FOR TODAY’ below.

I will be happy only for today.

I will accept what will happen only today. I don’t want to do as my wish.

I will care my health only for today. I will exercise, take care, I will not negligence my body.

I will try to strong to my mind only for today.

I will do active my soul for three works only for today. I will help at list for one without giving identity. I will finish two works that I don’t want to do.

I will be smart and attractive only for to day.

I will think about today’s problems only for today

I will not be afraid only for today. I will be brave.

I will remove my laziness only for today.

I will avoid bad habits only for today. 

I will keep a list for work only for today.

I will meditate only for today. I will think about God, about nature and about myself.     

Why we follow this? Because we are not able to solve the problems of whole life but we are able to solve today’s problems. When we think about our whole life, it seems as like as sea. We can not understand what’s the meaning of life? Today’s life is very easy. We can easily make our life healthy, beautiful, nice, peaceful etc.
Keep mind, Today + Today + Today + Today  +Today +…………………………….+ Today  = WHOLE LIFE.

 So realize this today’s life and try to make better today’s life than yesterday.


Sman said...

Today +today+.....+ today =Whole life. It is very interesting for me. I want to say really it is true. If we become successful today, we can success in life too.

crma said...

Thanks for today's life.