Saturday, January 8, 2011


 Life is the source of both joy and sorrow. Life means not only passing time but also a great source for being immortal in the world. Sometimes we fall in many problems in our life. We want to solve this problems and we bream for a healthy and successful life. Here have some life tips, these are very short but strong.

When your mind is upset

Everything is bad and joyless when your mind is upset. Don’t worry. You can remove upset ness by taking three steps.
  1. At first find out what is the cause of being upset.
  2. Open a paper take a pen and write the cause of being upset with open mind. But be careful don’t tray to read this paper, just you write your feelings.
  3. Burn this paper with fire when your write is finished. Burning this paper you think and feel your upset is also burning, your sorrow is running away, you mind is flying in the open sky.

When you forget your important point
 Sometimes we fall in problems by forgetting our important point we want to remember this point but many times we become fail to remember this important point again and again. I think every body solve this problem and they want to know what is the way to solve this problem. Just take three steps and remember your important point.
  1. Link your important point or issue with your old memorable point.
  2. Make a fancied memory bank in your mind and store your important point in this bank as like as library. Arrange your all point with various cooler.
  3. Whenever you want to remember your point, just take three times deep breath, close your eyes, enter your memory bank and find out your point with cooler easily.

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