Thursday, January 27, 2011


Prayer is one of the best important elements for human life. It makes a better link with man to man, man to creator. Most of the people of the world pray regularly. One kind of motion creates in the spiritual world when you pray for any one and sometimes the created motion is called as love, as sympathy, co-operation etc.

Some tips for prayer

Ø      Think about almighty creator in clamor free spot for a few times of day. Feel this energy what you gotten from creator.
Ø      Pray as like as you by mother language. Creator can understand all language. Don’t go to pray with inactivity mind.
Ø      Pray for other persons and make communication with creator during moving in day.
Ø      Trust yourself. You will get what you want from creator with good will.
Ø      Not only want all time, besides this express admire and gratefulness to creator.
Ø      No negative prayer. It shouldn’t pray for damage anyone.
Ø      Pray for whose you don’t like also.
Ø      Make a list for whose you want to pray.

Prayed for others, it will come back to you as more welfare.

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