Friday, January 7, 2011


Sometimes we think what is the key to success in life? We want to gain a beautiful life but what is the way to gain it? Yes it is work. More and more work you can gain all things. But you must finish your work with proper way. Here is seven tips being a successful worker.

1.      Start your work. Starting is the most important and it is very difficult. Starting is like jump from plain with taking parachute. Actually this is main work and here need a lot of courage. After that all work is easy. If you start once time you can see the motion of your work. Then you don’t think your work as work. Work will be enjoyable thing for you.

2.      Select the best model for your work. Be follower of your model. You can get many ways to do your work from your model. Always competition with yourself and compare your work between yesterday and today’s work. In this way gradually you will be success in your life.

3.      Be careful about your time. Time is more valuable than money. If it is gone away, don’t come back again. Don’t wast your time and use it carefully. Make a good rutting for using your time. Planning your work, it is most important for you. It is may be easy to make a plane but it is very difficult to do work according to this plane.

4.      When you are tired, your mind doesn’t want to receive any information by working, you don’t fill batter to work then you can take intermission. At this time you can do any work what will help you to recharge your mind. I think that intermission in your work is one kind of powerful element for being recharge.

5.      Remove your needless think. If you think “this word is ‘hat’ what I don’t want to remember for half second”. You can not passing this time without remember this word. Again and again it will come back in your brain in your mind. Alike If you think “I will remove my needless think” but you can’t remove it easily. Yes you can give deep concentration in your work by some ways……
                                                       Be single mind before starting work.
Ask your mind why are you going to do this work?
What can you gain by doing this work?
Find out what is interesting thing in your work
How much time it will take?
Think what problems may have in this work?
What can you do to solve these problems?
6.      Every man has a self harmony to work. Discover the harmony. Because it is important for your work. If you discover your harmony, you will work with sprite for a long time.
7.      Finish your work. It is the most important. I think that starting is difficult but finishing is more difficult. So you finish your work within your selected time.

Don’t take your work as a happen. If you take your work as a production, you can find out many interesting and enjoyable thing from your work. After finishing your work you will be surprised to see your production. 

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