Monday, January 31, 2011


Everybody has problems
Where is your problem? Are you unemployed? You think all problems will be solved after getting a job if your thinking is negative. But why they are to face many problems in there life whose have job or business. Many people say that they don’t enjoy their job. Some people think senior person has also problems. Again many other people think “we will get freedom after retirement from job. Is it right? They feel loneliness also. They want go back their past again. All time they think about these problems.

Do you think? “Every happy man has no any problems.” Must they have but these problems are not obstacle for their success because they turn their problems in to new chance for success.

If there is a blur on white wall and if I think all time about this blur (black speck), so my mind affected by it and also a blur will be created on my mind. If I don’t think about this blur It only stay on the wall. So you should not think about your problems all time.

Problem is not for ever
The ocean has bottom. The hill has boundary of its height. There is up and down in life. Nobody can stay in culmination or extremity for ever. Every problem has a last border. Your determination can reduce to your problems hardness. Pro-active mind remove pungency of problems.  So be pro-active and solve your problems.

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