Sunday, January 30, 2011


You are new in job. It is first introduction with your office. Relation is not friendly still now. You don’t understand what can you do? What kinds of activities you will do in your job? There is some fear, some hesitancy in your mind. Which site you go?  Do you stop away after getting a job? Getting a job, was it your only one aim in your life. Don’t want anything else? Or not do you want more improvement?

Quickly take understand your act
First time after going office, find out your chair. Wherever it is, be happy to see this because you are going to give something to your office from this moment. Take understand your work. Don’t become afraid. You will see there is many helpful hands besides you.  

Take understand your official environment
May be you can see your office is neat and clean and systematic or may be opposite this. Take mantel preparation from before. Whatever it is. Try to match with your official situation. If you don’t like official arrangement, you can propose your authorities but don’t first day, you should do this gradually. Yes. You can give some opinion. Though it is not your work but it can bring some positive result in your work filed.

Take care about cleanliness. Don’t make unnecessary sound. Don’t manhandle chair-table without any need. Keep mind, everybody is very much curios about new any one. All time your co-worker whim to you. Be suave your behavior. As the environment is new and unfamiliar so be responsible to match about this matter. Be careful so that you can free from mistake in beginning.

Be systematic, hard worker and deferential
Be hard worker and cordial to work. Learn to respect your work. Keep your work like yourself.  If you have nothing respect to work, may be question about this. Arrange your selected work. You can make a list for your work try to follow this list. It may get admire but nothing is loss if it don’t get. At list you can arrange your work by this way. It easily will attract others. Keep honest yourself. Remove all chicanery think.  You will see your work is so easy.

Boss is always right
Give importance this words what your boss say. Make yourself as a fit worker in your boss easy and it is the best time to do this. Help your boss to take decision. Give your opinion. As a result your boss start to believe you. “Yes sire” “Yes sire” all time you should not do this behave. Be deferential and gentle. Work with happy mind and keep mind BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Friendship with clock hand
Make a good friendship with clock hand. Come out from your house after understanding your office time. Traffic jam in road, rain, lack of vehicles, etc keep these your brain. Don’t late to come your new office.

Learn work from experienced
Find out who worked in your post before you. If he is in your office so speak with him. Try to make friendly relation with him and also try to attract him by many kinds of way. Show sincerity to your work. Accept from your co-worker as possible as. Try to learn work from experienced.

Take step with carefully for any change
Don’t go to take decision for any kinds of change in office during your new job. Before taking decision, think how much will be acceptable it? May be you don’t like what rule is running from before. You want to change this rule but don’t go to change this in during your new time.
Gradually you can change this rule. Think again and again how much suitable your decision is? Share your plane with others. May be you can get some good advice.   

Avoid bother and tiresome
You can not bring fulfillment in your work without cordiality. Love your work. If necessary you can take advice from others about how to speak you? How to maintain your official rule? Etc. All time avoid your bother and tiresome. Speak with smile.

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