Friday, February 4, 2011


  1. Mental blockage.
  2. The life without aim.
  3. All time hope to get average result
  4. Lack of actual education
  5. Lack of discipline in life.
  6. Lack of good health.
  7. Childhood environment is not favorable.
  8. Negligence in good work.
  9. Impatience or don’t seeing fulfillment of anything.
  10. Negative thought.
  11. Does not controlling sex power.
  12. Hoping for result without work.
  13. Inability to take right decision.
  14. Six main fears-.
    • Fear of poverty.
    • Fear of illness.
    • Fear of losing anything.
    • Fear of oldness.
    • Fear of criticism.
    • Fear of death.
  15. Choosing wrong consort during marriage.
  16. Being excess alertness.
  17. Dealing business with dishonest person.
  18. Superstition and limitlessness.
  19. Choosing wrong profession.
  20. Lacking attention and exertion.
  21. Extravagance.
  22. Lacking of encourage.
  23. Intolerable behave.
  24. Being angry to words, eating extra food and speaking without thinking.
  25. Do not helping to others work.
  26. Do not proper using of property.
  27. Taking decision by guessing without deep thinking.
  28. Self swagger.
  29. Propping wrong way as wish.
  30. Lacking of adequate capital.
  31. Lacking of self-confident, it is the main cause for being fall.
  32. The cause is what may be happened in your life and it is not above in this 31.

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